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  • Price$1,200,000
  • StatusActive
  • Address2502 County Road 4421
  • Rhome, Texas 76078
  • Acres8.229

Front view from US287, door with planters is main entrance. Private office entrances to right.

Note CR4421 to right. Property entrance is off CR4421. Gated entrance is behind trees.

New acceleration, deceleration lanes on US287 make entry, exit to, from CR4421 a breeze.

Basic Survey, Triangle, Fronts US287, Parallels CR4421 to Easement (tree line) back to US287.

Main Entry, Reception Area. Cypher door prevents entry to rest of building.

Reception Area, cypher door to right prevents access beyond this point.

From Reception Area, entrance to 1st Floor Break Area and 2nd Floor Stairs.

1st Floor meeting, manufacturing, assemble area. Formally used for electrical component assembly.

Same area as previous photo from other end. Not office cubicles used for manufacturing tracking.

Same area as previous 2 photos. Note single door (right) and double door access to Warehouse Area.

1st Floor Break Area, Door to left goes to Warehouse, door just behind cabinets goes to Restrooms.

1st Floor Female Restroom, 2 Stalls, ADA compliant.

1st Floor Men's Restroom, 1 Urinal, 1 Stall, ADA compliant.

1st Floor Warehouse Area, West to East. Assembly, Staging, Meeting, Distribution, Etc.

1st Floor Warehouse Area, mid area, note overhead door, exits to ground level. Also note main electrical distribution panels at far end, control electrical distribution to all floors and private offices.

1st Floor East to West. Note overhead door at end. Landscaped for trailer to floor level offload.

1st Floor Private Office 2. Private entrance, HVAC, and Restroom.

Private Office 2 Restroom, ADA Compliant

1st Floor Private Office 1. Private Entrance, HVAC, Restroom.

1st Floor Private Office Restroom, ADA Compliant.

2nd Floor Landing from Reception Area. Note 2 large Office entries and future Break Area.

2nd Floor East Reception Area. Note future Break Area and overhead view of main Reception Area.

2nd Floor Female and Male Restroom Entrances. Same as first floor and ADA compliant.

2nd Floor East Large Office, Meeting Space, fronts US287

2nd Floor East Large Office, Meeting Space, fronts CR4421.

2nd Floor passageway to West Reception Area. Note door to 3rd Floor on Right.

2nd Floor West Reception Area

2nd Floor West Small Offices (4).

2nd Floor Small Office view.

2nd Floor West Corner Office, fronts US287. This and other end office have private HVAC.

2nd Floor West End Small Office, fronts to North, coupled with NW corner office for separate HVAC

3rd Floor, unfinished, but all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC is in place for finish out at buyers discretion. Window to right overlooks US287, Windows to left overlook CR4421.

3rd Floor patio. Gorgeous view of the countryside.

3rd Floor looking West from mid building. Note in NW corner, floor level, HVAC lines have been run from pad at ground level. Left Window faces US287, 2 right windows, plus overhead, face North

3rd Floor East to West total. Note partially walled area where Restrooms would be above floors 1 and 2, and Main Electrical Panel on wall to finish out electrical distribution on 3rd Floor

Private Entry Doors for Private Offices 1 and 2. These can be tied in with rest of build if desired.

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